International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building

Professor (Dr.) Vesselin Popovski

On a Road to Equity: University Support System to Promote Diversity & Inclusion in Higher Education

Moderator: Professor (Dr.) Vesselin Popovski, Vice Dean, Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University, India

From 2004 till 2014 worked as Senior Academic Officer at the United Nations University in Tokyo. Prior to that was Senior Legal Expert for the EU project ‘Legal Protection of Individual Rights in Russia’ (2002-2004), Lecturer at the University of Exeter, UK (1999-2002), PhD student at King’s College London (1996-1999), and Bulgarian diplomat (1988-1996) serving in Sofia, New York and London. Member of the Advisory Board of the ‘Journal of International Humanitarian Legal Studies’; and the Editorial Boards of Journal ‘International Studies Review’ and ‘Sustainability Science’. Contributed to two major international initiatives: the International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty and its Report ‘Responsibility to Protect’ (2001), and the Princeton Project on Universal Jurisdiction, producing ‘The Princeton Principles of Universal Jurisdiction’ (2001). Published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, wrote or edited over twenty books, among them: Emotions in International Politics (Cambridge UP 2016); Ethical Values and Integrity of the Climate Change Regime (Ashgate 2015); Spoiler Groups and UN Peacekeeping (Routledge 2015); Access to International Justice (Routledge 2015); Security Council as Global Legislator (Routledge 2014); International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics (Ashgate 2014); Legality and Legitimacy in Global Affairs (Oxford UP 2012); Norms of Protection: Responsibility to Protect and Protection of Civilians (UNU Press 2012); After Oppression: Transitional Justice in Latin America and Eastern Europe (UNU Press 2012); Blood and Borders (UNU Press 2011); Human Rights Regimes in the Americas (UNU Press 2010); World Religions and Norms of War (UNU Press 2009); International Criminal Accountability and Children’s Rights (Cambridge UP 2006).