International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building


IIHEd will work as a policy institute and think tank, which will engage with research on the trends and issues in the higher education landscape in India and the world. It aims to contribute effectively to the discourse on higher education policy and its various manifestations. The five pillars on which IIHEd rests its objectives are:  


IIHEd will focus its agenda on developing key projects undertaken through rigorous research leading to national and international publications. These publications may include reports on contemporary issues in the higher education sector, articles published in academic journals, books, chapters in edited books, and articles in newspapers and magazines.   

Policy Advisory  

 IIHEd will actively engage in producing policy papers, policy briefs, and relevant documents for use and consultation by parliamentarians, government departments, higher education regulatory bodies, international organisations, higher education institutions, policy makers in India and abroad, and other stakeholders.


IIHEd will promote the cause of higher education and diverse possibilities in various disciplines. This will be achieved through talks and speeches which will be delivered to students and faculty of varying levels in schools and colleges of India and abroad. Such an effort will elevate the consciousness of young minds and cultivate them into imagining a new future.   


IIHEd will offer diverse training programmes for academic administrators, including vice chancellors and deans, and other individuals and institutions engaged with educational administration and education policy making. IIHEd will develop curriculum and pedagogy for undertaking faculty development workshops for colleges and universities.  


IIHEd proposes to offer specific forms of consultancies to various institutions in India and abroad, public and private organisations, governments and international organisations for capacity building initiatives and advisory services in the education sector.