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Professor (Dr.) Shalini Bharat

Shalini Bharat is widely known for her work on social determinants of health with special reference to reproductive and sexual health; young people’s and women’s health and wellbeing; social aspects of HIV and TB including stigma and discrimination, prevention and care; and demographic transition. She has served as member of the Mission Steering Group of National Rural Health Mission and the National Health Systems Resource Centre, Ministry of Health & Family welfare, GoI; and is the current Program Director of The Global Fund supported Saksham Counselling project for drug resistant TB patients in 4 Indian states, and the Jan Urja project supported by Tata Power. She also serves on the Advisory Boards of PHFI and Alliance India. Shalini Bharat has 4 books and over 70 journal articles to her credit in national and international journals. Her most recent publications are: A 4Volume edited Series titled ‘The Parsis of India: Continuing at the Crossroads’ from Sage, and ‘Health and wellbeing of India’s young people’ from Springer. Shalini Bharat has a doctorate in Psychology from Allahabad University, India.