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Professor Dr. Karen Schwartz

Karen Schwartz serves as Associate Vice-President (Research and International) and as Carleton’s International Liaison Officer. She reports to the Vice-President (Research & International) and is part of the senior management group responsible for advancing Carleton’s international research agenda. In this role, she oversees the international activities at the university including research and development projects, global partnerships and exchanges, and working with numerous visiting scholars and diplomatic delegations. Karen held the position of Associate Dean of Research and International in the Faculty of Public Affairs (FPA). She holds a tenured position in the School of Social Work at Carleton, which she took on in 1999.

Her research interests lie in community-engaged scholarship and research, specifically in the mental health needs of multi-cultural groups and international social work practices. She received invaluable international experience as a Visiting Scholar, Professor, and Expert in China, Austria and Finland; and as co-author on several publications on international social work student mobility. She has also partnered on a number of international grants to support student internships.

Prof. Schwartz is a Board member with Community Based Research Canada (CBRC) and with the South East Ottawa Community Health Centre Ethics Review Committee. Most recently, Karen led in the development of the first International Strategic Plan for Carleton University.