International Institute for Higher Education Research & Capacity Building

Programme Schedule

Shri M. Venkaiah Naidu

7:30 AM IST-8:30 AM IST: Rising to the Challenge: Transformative Leadership in Times of Uncertainty
8:45 AM IST-9:45 AM IST: Paving the Way Forward: Strategic collaboration among Universities in Times of Uncertainty
11:15 AM IST-12:15 PM IST: Responsible Research: Harnessing Knowledge Resources for Creating Tangible Social Impact
12:30 PM IST-1:30 PM IST: Academic Freedom and Democratic Leadership: Autonomy versus Accountability
1:45 PM IST-2:45 PM IST: Ungendering Universities: Promoting Equality and Awareness through Gender-Sensitive Policies
3:00 PM IST-4:00 PM IST: Industry-Academia Collaborations: Philanthropy, Community Impact and Employability
4:15 PM IST-5:15 PM IST: Being Glocal: University as a Site of Local Innovation and Meaningful Community Engagement
5:30 PM IST-6:30 PM IST: The Power of Youth: Harnessing the Strength of Students for Institution Building and Community Impact
6:45 PM IST-7:45 PM IST: Shifting Goal Posts: University’s Role in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals during a Crisis
8:00 PM IST-9:00 PM IST: No Room of One’s Own: Redefining Work Life Balance in the Age of Work from Home
9:15 PM IST-10:15 PM IST: Universities at Crossroads: Differentiated Institutional Vision and Mission in a Post-Pandemic World
10:30 PM IST-11:30 PM IST: Going Bottom-up: Nurturing University Leaders of the Future

7:30 AM IST-8:30 AM IST: Lessons from the Pandemic: Digital Transformation, Virtual Sustainability & Digital Divide
8:45 AM IST-9:45 AM IST: Empathetic University: Promoting Wellness amidst Grief and Grievances
10:00 AM IST-11:00 AM IST: Redefining the Ways of Knowing and Doing: Research in the Times of Pandemic
12:30 PM IST-1:30 PM IST: Staying Afloat: Financial Stability and Sustainability of Universities
1:45 PM IST-2:45 PM IST: Beyond Brick and Mortar: Quality Assurance, Accreditation and Benchmarking
3:00 PM IST-4:00 PM IST: Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Universities Promoting Equality and Nurturing Future Women Leaders
4:15 PM IST-5:15 PM IST: Future of Work: Placements and Internships in the Post Pandemic World
23rd July-5:30 PM IST 6:30 PM IST: Voices from the Ground: Reimagination of Policy and Regulations for Universities in Times of Crisis
6:45 PM IST-7:45 PM IST: Holistic Higher Education: Role of Interdisciplinary Studies in Overcoming Challenges of the XXI Century